UPDATE: Catholic Pages with Over 10 million Facebook Followers Hacked

Update: All the hacked pages are restored around 5pm GMT on the 29th of January, 2018 after multiple messages to Facebook and allegedly someone being sent to the offices of Facebook in California, USA concerning this issue. We are grateful the pages are back.
Thanks for all your prayers and support.

Facebook has just started to implement its latest news feed updates that focuses more on meaningful engagements between families and friends and less on publishers and news. This has left many publishers and advertisers both frustrated and worried and it seems some bad actors have decided to go hunting for pages. According to Rajesh Raju, one of the admins of the hacked Facebook pages, he got notified of his removal from the pages via email during the night of 24th January, 2018. His personal account which had security measures encouraged by Facebook i.e. 2FA (Two Factor Authentication that requires password as well as, SMS or mobile code for verification) wasn’t enough for his account to be compromised.

Raju writes:

We owned and operating 4 biggest catholic pages in FB My Mother Mary ( 4.7 million followers ) I Love Jesus (2.7 million followers ) Daily Bible Verses (1 million followers) Jesus is My Life ( 0.8 million Followers ) and few other midsized pages.

Yesterday around 6 P.M EST     we received a mail from Facebook stating you are removed from page roles by Ana Flores . we scrambled to secure our account but with in few seconds hackers removed us from all the pages by breaching our admin profile Rajesh Raju after that we cant see any of our pages.   We are using 2 factors authonication provided by fb even its not a match for hackers skill.

we immedietly report this security breach to facebook via there support tool , but there is no single response from them even after 14 hrs passed.

Fcebook always treat catholic and other religious organiztion pages like a unwanted child.

we are pleading to facebook catholic community to help us to get our pages back, its our nearly a decade long 24/7 hard work. Its all vanished in split seconds . we are not a profit manking company, we are indvidual works to reach more people for evangilzation .

Admin: Rajesh Raju ( Pages Hacked via breaching this profile, Now acncount is secured, but pages gone)

Email : rajeshrsrambickal@gmail  Phn: +96565682890

Suresh Sivaraman (


Phn: +917010442987

Kindly say a prayer for them that they are able to get their pages back. Also, if you know someone who works at Facebook, kindly let them know about this and the breach of security with their 2FA feature. This can happen to any Facebook user which is very bad.

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