Interview with New Catholic Generation’s Renée Catherine

This was an interview of Renée Catherine Shumay that took place in 2013 when she started the New Catholic Generation’s YouTube channel and group.

Who is Renée Catherine?

Just another individual who is Nothing without Jesus Christ. From Him does all goodness flow. The more goodness i make room for in my soul, the less ‘Renée Catherine’ there is. May we all make room in our hearts for Jesus, so that when we die we will not hear “Renee? I do not know you.” but instead hear “Renee?.. ah,
I see my Son in you! Welcome to Eternal Life.”

What are your motivations in life?

Ever since i discovered Renee meant reborn and Catherine mean pure, my motivation has been to truly be Reborn Pure in Christ. It doesn’t get much more complex than that.

Why are you passionate about your Catholic faith?

I am passionate about it because it is the Truth, and the Truth is a person, Jesus Christ.

Also, only in Catholicism can you find the most Beautiful explanation for the existance and unimaginable value of human suffering.

Isn’t Catholicism boring?

Due to fallen nature, many find all intellectual schooling boring. The body fights Perfection! “The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.”
Love of the Good, the True, and the Beautiful, is a virtuous thing. Virtues often times are not “fun” rather they are a discipline for a weak soul.

Is Jesus for everybody?

Jesus IS for everyone because He (in the Trinity) is the Creator of all. He is the source of every human quality in ourselves (original sin being a lack). There cannot exist a living man whose true peace cannot be found in the source of Life. A flame will not reject the fire. A small light will blend harmoniously when it meets the sun.

Why New Catholic Generation?

There is something so amazing about seeing and hearing the next generation of the Catholic Church. This experience of the youth on video enkindles great Hope.
NCG gets the teens to talk on their own about their faith. They are not being interviewed on a scary t.v station, rather they are their own host. This way it is all about their thoughts, experiences, and ideas.

“What if a teen says something wrong?” The first step in correcting a corrupt philosophy, is getting the person to speak about their beliefs. Only this way is one able to specifically find out what is wrong in a person’s thinking, and therefore help to correct it!

New Catholic Generation is helping to bring the current and future Church together in such a way that the teens are always the main focus and priority. NCG’s faithful followers work as a team to help correct the corrupt philosophies of the youth while showing them unfailing support in their pursuit of Truth.

Aren’t teens supposed to be having fun instead of living their faith?

Every saint has their own story. Your’s, begins now!

I lost my older brother when i was 9 years old. He was 15. When he passed away it was incredibly uncomfortable how little he left behind. Other than clothes and a few gadgets, he was gone! Nothing.

Much worse was the worry for his soul. We had no confidence in where he was. This of all things, was the most burdensome on family and friends.

Death does not care to hear your excuse that you are only a teenager. It will take you. Will you be confident in your own death? Do not spend so much time in leisure until you are. So that when you stand at your judgement you might hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

A lot of teens get pregnant these days. What is your secret?

The secret is constant connection to the heavenly realm; constant awareness that your guardian angel is right with you all the time, and that Mary, Jesus, and the saints watch all that you do. It is when we try to momentarily block out this reality, that we find ourselves fall to sin.

How do you deal with the secular culture around you?

Spread goodness and love wherever you go. Love is the only shocking thing left in this world. Use it! Through your love, make people Want what you have..
Do you think your little efforts do not amount to much? Think again! This time think of the secular world as the dark dark night sky. There is so much darkness and the blackness goes on for galaxies. Yet what does one immediately notice most when they look up at a night sky? ..The tiny little stars..those little drops of goodness in that sea of darkness. That is how much each good act you do is significant and glorifies God in a very secular world.

What is your favourite Bible verse?

“Shepard me O God, beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into Life.”

Final thought.

Amazing things can happen when you say Yes to God’s mission for your life. Stay observant and stay humble in your opinion about Why unpleasant things happen in your life. God sees the bigger picture. In these unpleasant situations always ask God to bring good out of them. He always will, whether the good is visible or invisible to you. He always chooses what will profit the most good in the long run, because He Loves You. He loves you as if you are the Only one. God be with you!

Renée Catherine

Vlogging from the age of 16, Renee has been on youtube sharing her daily insights as a catholic teen for almost two years. She is driven by a desire to show her generation that they are called to be saints TODAY, and that being a teen is not an excuse to “go out, party and live your life the way you want” as today’s culture promotes. She is the founder of New Catholic Generation

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